The best ways to lock your bike, and bike parking locations around downtown Redmond.

Safe Bike Parking Tips

  • Always lock your bike in a highly visible area, even better a place where you can see it. 
  • Always lock your frame and secure essential points on the bicycle.
    • Lock according to value - frame first, then back wheel, and finally front wheel.
    • ​Be sure to secure the frame and whenever possible both wheels—especially if wheels can easily be released. Either remove the front tire, locking it to the frame and rear tire or consider a second lock. 


Tips for short, medium, and long term bicycle parking Examples for short, medium, and long term bicycle parking
    Always lock to a fixed object.
    • ​Avoid road signs, trees, scaffolding, fences and railings.  They often look like attractive parking for cyclists but are often less secure and risk obstructing pedestrian or road traffic and damaging public property.
  • Don't leave your accessories (lights, saddle bags etc) on your bike.


Register Your Bike

You can register your bike's serial number with the Redmond Police Department in case it ever does get stolen and recovered.


Parking in Redmond

If your favorite business doesn't offer bike parking, consider making a request to the business or property manager. This can be done in-person, over the phone or in writing.  You can also let them know about the Go Redmond grants for businesses that includes funding for bike racks.

Bike parking in downtown Redmond Map