The Redmond SchoolPool encourages more students to walk and bike to school, here are just some of the benefits.

Why Walk or Bike to School?

It's good for student's academic performance!

Studies suggest that students who walk or bike to school get more physical activity in through the day, and this activity lead to higher academic achievement.


It's good for the environment

Vehicles emit a variety of air pollutants, resulting in increases in ground-level ozone, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter such as particles of dust, soot, smoke, dirt and liquid droplets. When families choose not to drive to school, they are helping reduce these pollutants near our school zones! 

It promotes safety

By practicing safe walking skills with our students, we are not only teaching our students the importance of road safety but building healthy habits.  For tips on talking with your students about the importance of safe walking and biking skills, visit this SchoolPool post.

It's fun!

Walking and biking brings a lot of energy to our school neighborhood and is a great way to kick off your day!  You and your student may notice things you normally wouldn't notice when driving.  You may see your neighbors, get a few extra minutes talking with your students distraction free, and swap the stress of sitting in traffic with a healthy trip.