You may be surprised by how many destinations in Redmond are within a short 5 or 10 minute walk of your office.

Re-Think the Short Car Trip

You're used to parking at the mall the walking between stores.  But you may be surprised to know how the distance you walk at the mall compares to other areas in Redmond that you routinely hop in the car for.  

As seen in the image above, the Redmond Town Center was laid over Downtown Redmond, and the two are about the same size!  

That's why this summer, Go Redmond wants you to re-think how you get to lunch or run your errands.  

Explore Your Neighborhood


Time Walking

Time Biking

Like Traveling Between 

1/4 mile 5 minutes ~1 minute Redmond Library and Potbelly Sandwiches
1/2 mile 10 minutes ~3 minutes Redmond Transit Center and Tipsy Cow Burger Bar
3/4 mile 15 minutes ~4 minutes Crane Electronics (Willows Road) and Flying Saucer Pizza
1 mile 20 minutes 5-6  minutes Microsoft Visitor Center Bai Tong Thai in  Overlake


So while the weather is nice, get on Google or Bing Maps and search for "Restaurants near <YOUR WORK>" and see if you can get to a lunch spot without using your car.

Or take advantage of our longer days and take a stroll in your neighborhood-can you get to the grocery store or coffee shop in the time you'd normally take to walk your dog?  Kill two birds with one stone next time and walk your pooch to pick up that gallon of milk. 

Your FitBit stats will be off the charts!