Go Redmond is offering beginner and intermediate bicycle education classes for adults to help you ride safely and confidently in Redmond.

These small classes will give participants the practical knowledge  to ride safely and confidently with a mix of classroom instruction and hands on experience.  

Classes are over three weekends, for 3 hours each class (9 hours total) and is free for people who live or work in Redmond (98052).  Register for either the Beginner Go By Bike class or the intermediate Urban Cycling by following the links below.

Beginner Class: Go By Bike!

In Go By Bike: Bicycle Traffic Safety, you’ll learn to use a bicycle with confidence and competence to run errands, get to work, or just be more comfortable biking around town under various climate, terrain, and traffic conditions. This class will expand your bike handling skills and give you a solid foundation of safe cycling principles and practices to be applied in different situations. 

The class is a mix of classroom instruction, parking lot drills, and group rides where you will learn how to:

  • Properly fit your bike and helmet

  • Handle your bike confidently and effectively (smooth starts and stops, turning)

  • Position yourself on the road to avoid and deter the mistakes of other users

  • Signal your intentions to other road users

  • Apply basic principles of traffic safety and identify hazards

Go By Bike!  is available to adults (18 or older) who lives or works in Redmond.  All fitness and experience levels are welcome to join. Bike helmets required and loaner bikes are available when arranged ahead of time.  Go By Bike is the pre-requisite course for Urban Cycling.

Go By Bike! Class Dates


Intermediate Class: Urban Cycling

In Urban Cycling, you’ll not only learn how to safely deal with traffic and other challenges on the road, you’ll learn how to have fun pedaling through the city.  In this class series, you’ll deepen your safe cycling knowledge and skills through classroom instruction, parking lot drills, and on-road riding.  

Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Ride safely on busy, urban, multi-lane roads and on suburban and rural roads

  • Position yourself in left-turn, right-turn, and through lanes

  • Position yourself within a lane based on conditions

  • Use bicycle lanes and shared-use paths

  • Avoid common road hazards

  • Ride at night and in bad weather

  • Use best practices and good judgement moment-to-moment as road and traffic conditions change

  • Traffic law as it relates to bicycling

Urban Bicycling is available to adults (18 or older) who lives or works in Redmond and who have successfully completed Go By Bike:  Bicycling Traffic Safety, or by instructor permissionBike helmets are required.  Bring your own bicycle in good working order, or borrow one for the class.