Whether it’s by foot, bike, or sharing the ride, getting around Redmond without a car has never been easier or more rewarding.

Go Redmond will help you find all your commute options and earn rewards for leaving your car behind.

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How Go Redmond works:

1.  Find the best transportation options for you and your schedule! 
  • Carpool: find matches with other people who live and work near you with our free ridematching tool

  • Bus: find your route and get a free 1 month ORCA bus pass

  • Vanpool: get in a van and earn  a $50 per month vanpool fare subsidy for one-year

  • Bike & Walk: Maps, classes, resources

  • Telework and Compressed Work Week: Tips and tools to get you going

   Not sure where to start? Get a free Personalized Commute Plan!

2.  Take a trip and add it to your Go Redmond online calendar 
3.  Earn Rewards!
  • Your trips are entries into drawings for prizes and other rewards