We've funded bike racks, incentives for carpoolers, ORCA and vanpool subsidies, transportation events, and more!

Let us know your ideas and we can work together to help make them happen.

Go Redmond Bike Fleet Grant

Businesses and Multifamily Housing Units in Redmond are eligible for a Go Redmond grant to purchase up to 3 bicycles, helmets, locks & travel bags for use of their employees and residents.

The employer is responsible for providing storage and maintenance of the bicycles.  Additional Go Redmond grant funding is available to assist.

Applications due on September 15th, 2017 and will be reviewed at that time. 

Apply for the Go Redmond Bike Fleet Grant


Go Redmond Bicycle Repair Station Grant

Go Redmond grants are available to assist businesses and multifamily housing units install bicycle repair stations.  Repair stations can be placed in parking garage or area near bike parking for easy access by employees and visitors and should not protrude into a bike lane, walkway, or other common area. 



Go Redmond Pedestrian Shopping Cart Grant

With more people living in urban environments, “Granny Carts” or pedestrian trolleys are making a comeback!

Go Redmond will purchase these pedestrian trolleys for your residents to use.  You just need to keep them stored in a central or accessible location.  Together, we can make it easier for residents to leave their car behind. 

Applications due on September 15th, 2017 and will be reviewed at that time. 

 request Pedestrian Shopping Carts


Go Redmond ORCA Business Passport Grant

Go Redmond grants are available to assist businesses units provide ORCA bus passes to their employees through King County Metro’s Business Passport Program. This grant reimburses a portion of the cost for the implementation of a new ORCA Business Passport program at a worksite for the first 2 years.

apply for an ORCA Business Passport Grant


Go Redmond Grants for Employers

Go Redmond has funding available to help employers in Redmond improve their trip reduction programs. Grants are intended to financially support Redmond employers who would like to try something new.  

These grants have been used by employers big and small, in a number of different ways.  

How to Apply

Complete the one-page Employer Grant Application and submit to Go Redmond at ckchapman@redmond.gov.  Feel free to reach out with any questions or to brainstorm ideas.  

The Go Redmond grant formula is based on the number of employees per employer. Locate your company size below to calculate potential grant funding for your program.

  • Employers with less than 100 employees: Maximum of $5,000 at 100% funding in year one, and a second year of $2,500 at 50% funding.

  • Employers with more than 100 employees: Maximum of $5,000 at 100% funding and then 50% match up to maximum of $50,000 in grant funding.

Program Requirements

Applicants must be a Redmond employer or combination of Redmond employers, who have a minimum of two employees working at a Redmond worksite.

  • Applicants must have a current Redmond business license.
  • Program costs must be associated with employees and programs located within the City of Redmond only.
  • Capital equipment purchases must be accompanied by a 3-year commitment to the program, or will include a proportionate payback to the City for equipment purchased.
  • Employers may only apply for one-year of project funding at a time.
  • Funding is available for new program elements only.
  • Employers may apply for up to two unique grants per calendar year, but may not have more than 3 active grants at a time. 
  • A second year of funding may be available at 50% of the first year's funding. Second year funding is approved based on the required evaluation form and available funds.
  • Businesses may not profit monetarily from the Go Redmond portion of the match.
  • Funds are not intended to replace current funding for existing programs, but must be used for new or enhanced programs.
  • The Go Redmond program does not guarantee that a project will be approved and reserves the right to determine which program requests are funded and to what degree.
  • Grants are funded based on program estimates. Reimbursement may not exceed the approved grant allocation.
  • Employers are required to complete and submit a program evaluation form at the completion of the grant.
  • Programs to be implemented as part of a transportation management program are not eligible for funding.

Applications are reviewed monthly and should be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to anticipated approval. All rewards are subject to eligibility requirements and available funding.


Go Redmond Grant Application
Go Redmond Bike Rack Grant Application
Go Redmond Grant Evaluation Form (Year 2)


2017 Commute Club Grant for Employers

Apply for the 2017 Quarterly Commute Club Grant and get guaranteed incentives for your employees.

As an incentive to Redmond employers to run promotions that encourage alternative commuting, such as biking, walking, carpooling, vanpooling or taking the bus, Go Redmond is offering incentives through our 2017 Commuter Club grant.

There is no financial risk to the employer to participate, as the incentives are purchased by Go Redmond and distributed directly to the employer.  This will help you promote your own Employer Commute Trip Reduction program at no cost to you, and provide rewards for employees who are reducing their drive alone trips.  

New participants can join the existing 2017 Commute Club Grant at the beginning of every quarter. (Applications are due by March 15, June 15, and September 15 to participate the following quarter.) 

Incentive Size:

The size of your company will determine incentive eligibility.

  • 4-10 employees: 1 incentive per quarter
  • 11-50 employees: 4 incentive per quarter
  • 51-100 employees: 8 incentives per quarter
  • 101-250 employees: 12 incentives per quarter
  • 251-1000 employees: 20 incentives per quarter
  • 1000+ employees: 30 incentives per quarter            

Email your completed applications to Support@GoRedmond.com



"Light Up Your Commute" Event Kit

Go Redmond is working to educate and encourage people who walk and bike to be more visible during the dark winter months.  To help promote safe behaviors, Go Redmond will provide all the necessary equipment for an employer or resident to host an event that provides reflective safety gear and educational materials to participants.

Go Redmond Will Provide:  

  • Reflective materials to be put on helmets, clothing, and other commute gear
  • Give-a-way items such as reflective arm bands and light up reflectors
  • Marketing materials for the event (posters, sample emails)

Host Will Provide:

  • Set up, coordination, and staffing for the event
  • Communications to employees or residents about the event
  • Evaluation of the event to Go Redmond (number of attendees, overall success, etc.)