When you take the pledge to increase our safety when driving and walking in Redmond, Go Redmond will mail you some "LightWeights" reflectors. 

Put these on your rain jacket, your backpack, kid's stroller, dog's leash, your bike, scooter helmet or pretty much anything else to increase your visibility! 

Then take a picture (with flash) to see how it looks, and share it with us!


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Safety Pledge
Practice safe behaviors such as staying alert and reducing distractions, using crosswalks and sidewalks where available, wearing bright and reflective gear, and checking each lane of traffic before crossing.
Practice safe driving behaviors such as staying alert and not using a cell phone, looking twice for people walking and biking before turning, keep my windows & windshield clear, and slowing down at crosswalks.
Reflective Gear Form
Home Mailing Address

Please provide your complete home mailing address, including any apartment number and your zip code. We won't be able to mail packages to any incomplete or work addresses.