Don't forget to log your smart commutes for a chance to earn Go Redmond rewards!

As you know, it’s easier than ever to log your smart commute trips on and be entered for drawings and prizes. Whether you ride a bike, take part in a carpool or vanpool, opt for transit, walk or telecommute you make a difference in not driving alone!

Smart commuting helps reduce congestion and keep our air clean. Even one alternative commute trip a week helps! Need help finding a carpool partner or getting started with an ORCA pass? We’ve got you covered.

Log Trips in Your Go Redmond Calendar.

It’s easy! When you choose to walk, bike, vanpool, carpool, ride the bus or telecommute simply enter your “trips” on your Go Redmond calendar. After every month we’ll tally them up and you’ll be entered to win your choice of 10 different rewards- and their significant prizes! Each incentive has a 25$ value, so not only will you be saving money by not driving in your car alone but you can win (and choose) a really great prize.


Our 2018 commute incentives include:

  • $25 Starbucks card

  • $25 ORCA bus card

  • $25 Chevron gas card

  • $25 UberEats credits

  • $25 GooglePlay credits

  • $25 iTunes credits

  • $25 giftcard

  • $25 Panera e-giftcard

  • $25 REI e-giftcard

  • $25 Donation to City of Redmond Human Services Fund


This year, with the exception of the ORCA card, all incentives are electronic! No more sitting around waiting for your reward to arrive in the mail. Winners will be notified through your Go Redmond account, and have 90 days to claim your prize.