Access the HOV lane in a Vanpool!

Whether you live in place that is not close to a bus line, your coworkers happen live in your area, or you’d like to make new friends in your neighborhood that happen to work near you, Vanpool is a great way to get to work. It is an easy way to take advantage of the HOV lane, enjoy other people’s company and save money while commuting to work. Go Redmond wants you to know that it’s easier than you think to get into a Vanpool.




But don’t take our word for it! Check out what some of our friends had to say about how they #GoGREATER in a Vanpool:


“I #GoGREATER by vanpooling to work so that I can study for grad school, read, or sleep on my way to work. Getting this time in my day back as productive time is a huge advantage to vanpooling!” Kelly

Way to #GoGREATER, Kelly!

Other Go Redmond commuters had these endorsements for why they choose Vanpool:


“Starting a Vanpool was a great idea because I get to commute with my friends and it structured my entire day at work with a set start and end to my work day. It's great!” -Gagandeep

“I commute from Bothell to Redmond every day for work using Vanpool. It makes my ride joyful and fun as we enjoy the HOV lane and have a wonderful talk while commuting with fellow passengers. I love logging my trips because every once in a while, I earn a cool prize from Go Redmond.” – Madhuri

“Using a vanpool to commute to and from work has a lot of benefits. By not putting miles on my car I have saved the purchase of another car, which would now have as many miles as my current car. By sharing the driving within the Vanpool, I don't have the stress of driving twice every day and I get to enjoy a nap or reading when not driving. We save commute time by using the HOV lane, and we help reduce congestion by putting 1 van instead of 6 cars on the road. It is a win-win to Vanpool!” -Linda

“I choose to Vanpool to work.  As a matter of fact, I am a primary Vanpool driver.  I enjoy the subsidy my employer provides for me to use the Vanpool.  There is less stress to my commute using the hot lanes.  We do not have to pay any Tolls.  Vanpooling saves all of us time and wear and tear on our personal vehicles.  It is a great program!” -Angela


There you have it! Vanpooling is a convenient, money-saving way to get to work. If you would like more info read on:

Vanpool Basics

  • 5-15 people ride together in an agency provided van
  • Users decide on route and schedule: you can meet at a location near your house, or be picked up at home
  • Vans can use the HOV lane and tolls are covered in the fare
  • Fare is based on the number of days & miles traveled (average $100/month before subsidies and incentives)
  • Vanpool drivers can use the van for personal limited use outside of commuting
  • Many vans also have bike racks

Sample Vanpool Costs

Your vanpool fare depends on 3 factors

  1. The number of miles you travel
  2. The number of people in your van
  3. The number of days a week you use it to commute

Vist our Go Redmond Vanpool page for additonal information.