Rates of walking and biking to school in the U.S. has dropped, but programs like the Redmond SchoolPool and parents like you are bringing it back!

It used to be the norm that students would walk and bike themselves to school.  The Redmond SchoolPool wants to make walking, biking, and sharing the ride to school THE way to go in Redmond!

How We're Changing the Tide in Redmond

Addressing Safety Concerns

We're lucky to live in a city with great transportation amenities like sidewalks and bike lanes around our schools.  These go a long way in giving our students safe ways to travel.

The Redmond Police Department also does an great job with increased patrols in School Zones during Walk and Bike to School Month (and patrols throughout the year!).  

We also working proactively with our schools to get safety messages out to drivers and people who are walking and biking to educate and inform about safety in our School Zones.


Finding Others to Walk, Bike, and Share the Ride with

It's just more fun to get to school with others!  With more students participating in Redmond SchoolPool it's easier to find other families to walk, bike and carpool with.

A good carpool can also save you time in the morning and money at the pump. 

Check out these tips for:

Remembering the Benefits

When you're in the habit of dropping kids off at school by your car, it's easy to forget all the great benefits of walking and biking.  

Not only is it good for student's health and learning, it's great for the environment and reducing local air pollution in our neighborhoods.

Getting Students Involved

Ready to help us get more kids moving?  Check out the Redmond SchoolPool program and see if it's a good fit for your school in Redmond! Together, we can bring back walking and biking to our schools!