Be a Commute Superhero and show other Washingtonians you are reducing your CO2 emissions, saving money and gas, socializing with your community and exercising on your way to and from work!

Being a Commute Superhero means saving the planet from pollution and your wallet from the costs of maintaining a car.

And it’s easy to do: Complete and track at least six days of Wheel Options modes—that’s vanpooling, biking, walking, rolling, skateboarding, carpooling, taking transit, tele-commuting, compressing your work schedule or a combination of all these modes—and you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win some great rewards—including a $1,500 super or $500 sidekick reward digital reward link – and a host of $50 retail rewards!

Log-in or sign-up and start tracking your commute days in October.

Look  into vanpooling and share the love of sharing the ride. Check out to find potential super matches.

Contact your Employee Transportation Coordinator for assistance in planning your trip. We encourage all employees to participate! 

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