The new section of trail connects Willows Road to Downtown Redmond with a short and scenic trail.

With an additional 1.3 miles of paved trail, the Redmond Central Connector trail now travels from Downtown Redmond to Willows Road, reaching DigiPen and Overlake Christian Church.

So now, in a little less than 10 minutes by bike, you can cruise to the Redmond Town Center for some shopping or to one of the restaurants in downtown for lunch from your worksite on Willows Road.

The Redmond Central Connector also connects to the Sammamish River Trail, PSE Trail, and from there the 520 Bike Trail, Marymoor Connector, and East Lake Sammamish trail.  Just one more link in the chain to make Redmond a bicycle riding paradise!

Peek over the edge of the new bridge to see salmon spawning in the Sammamish River.