King County Metro will provide you with $100 in taxi credits to get you home.

Take the Just One Trip Pledge to Earn Credits

You’re just one bus ride, bike ride, vanpool trip, carpool trip or leisurely walk away from turning your trips into much-deserved me time.

By signing up for Just One Trip, you will automatically receive a Guaranteed Ride Home code, good for one taxi ride up to $100 in value (tip not included). If you have an unexpected emergency like being required to unexpectedly work late, your carpool or vanpool leaves without you, or you have mechanical issues with your bike, we will make sure to get you home.

Follow these easy steps to redeem your Guaranteed Ride Home:

  1. Keep an eye out for your Just One Trip welcome letter. It will have a unique code you can use to redeem your Guaranteed Ride Home.
  2. On a day you can’t take your normal way home because of unforeseen circumstances, call us at: (425) 450-4555
  3. Tell the operator that you are participating in the Just One Trip program and give them your code. Tell them why you can’t make your trip home without a taxi.
  4. The operator will send a taxi to your work location.
  5. Get home worry free!

We contract with local taxi companies for this service and your personal information is kept confidential and never shared. Your Guaranteed Ride Home code is only valid for basic taxi services used in a qualifying emergency situation. Attempts to use your code to pay for luxury services, non-emergency rides, or rides to locations other than your primary residence will result in you being charged for the cost of your ride.

The staff at Just One Trip can also help you find all your commute options for free with a Custom Commute Plan.