Starting a new commute can be overwhelming-but don't let these common myths or excuses get in your way!

It takes too long

  • The average commuter travels at 10 mph; the more you ride, the faster you become
  • Trips of less than 3 miles will be quicker by bike
  • Trips of 5 to 7 miles in urban areas take the same or less by car

It’s too far

  • Try riding to work and taking mass transit home, then alternating the next day
  • Combine trips & modes! Ride to a coworker’s house and carpool to work or ride to the bus stop and take transit from there!
  • Ride your route on a weekend to find the easiest way to work

I’m out of shape

  • Ride an easy pace, in a few months you will be in great shape
  • You will improve your fitness level when you become a regular bike commuter

There's no bike parking at my office

  • Look around for a storage area in your building or office
  • Stash your bike in a covered, secure place such as a closet or your cubicle
  • Formally request that your employer provide bike parking or lock it up outside (You can even let them know about Go Redmond's easy grants)

My bike is too old

  • Tune ups from a local bike shop range from $40-$100 and will get you ready for your commute! 
  • Simple fix it tips and YouTube videos are everywhere!
  • Make sure that your bike is reliable and in good working order before you ride

I have to dress up for my job

  • Keep sets of clothing at work; rotate them on days you drive
  • Pack clothes with you and change at work; rolling clothes instead of folding will help keep them wrinkle free!

It’s raining

The roads aren’t safe

  • Obey traffic signs, ride on the right, signal turns, and stop at lights
  • Wear bright and reflective clothing
  • You are at no greater risk than driving a car
  • Wear a helmet everytime you ride

I haven't ridden in years

  • They don't say "It's as easy as riding a bike" for nothing!  A little practice and you'll be biking with the best of them.
  • Look for Adult Cycling Classes for a refresher, like these from Cascade Bike Club