There are many resources available to help you find your best route to work.

Planning Your Route

  • The Redmond Bike Map is a great start to show local bike facilities-like roads with bike lanes, low traffic streets, or off road trails.   Print versions of the map can always be picked up at Redmond City Hall!  (Check out other city's bike maps here.)
  • Google Maps is also an incredibly useful and reliable tool to determine the safest and quickest route-their bike routes even include elevation changes so you can pick the least hilly route! 

  • Another great option is to ask the people who you see biking in at work.  They are a great source of local knowledge and insights into biking and are often excited to share their experience with new cyclists.
  • Request a Personalized Commute Plan from Go Redmond and we can go over all your commute options, including cycling! 

Test Run

Consider giving yourself extra time if you are trying out a route for the first time, as you may take false turns, hills may slow you down, or you might go slower to observe your surroundings.