Walking in Redmond is free, easy, and rewarding.

We're breaking down some of the best reasons to go for a stroll in Redmond.

  • Walking reduces stress and cheers you up

Studies confirm that walking benefits your mood because it will boost the endorphins your body releases.  These endorphins can reduce stress hormones and even alleviate mild drepression.  

  • Walking improves your sleep & re-energizes you

Walking can boost your daytime energy levels by helping you sleep longer and sounder at night. Just don't take a brisk walk right before you're ready to hit the hay!  Walking causes the body to produce adrenaline which will make you more alert mentally.  Beyond the adrenaline, walking may improve circulation to your brain, leading to feelings of increased alertness.

  • Walking 30 minutes a day can help you lose weight

A brisk 30 minute walk can burns about 150 calories on average.  To lose a pound a week, the general guideline is to reduce 500 calories a day, so this is a great start!  

  • Walking is good for the environment

Starting a vehicle and the first few minutes of driving generate higher emissions because the emissions-control equipment has not yet reached its optimal operating temperature.  So when you don't hop in the car to grab lunch down the block or to run an errand you're reducing local air pollution.  You can walk about 1 mile in 20 minutes making many locations in Redmond very accessible on foot.

  • You can earn rewards with Go Redmond when you walk

Add your walking commutes to your Go Redmond calendar to earn monthly incentives and rewards (in addition to all the great benefits listed above!)


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