Bus Service & Fares Return

As King County moves forward with their Safe Start plans, bus service is returning to Redmond along with fares. 

On June 22, the 221 and 224 buses will return, bringing service back to the Education Hill and Grass Lawn neighborhoods. Buses will come more often on other routes in Redmond. Find out more about which routes and trips will be restored at King County Metro's website here

A little over a week later on July 1, fares will resume on Sound Transit buses. Sound Transit will be increasing fares on the ST Express Buses that serve Redmond to $3.25. Go Redmond transit subsidies are available for all riders at this time. Sign up for a $25 ORCA card here.

And remember, all riders are required to wear masks on board Metro buses. 

Trying to get your bearings with Redmond's bus routes? Check out the Eastside Transit Map from Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association.