People love their vanpool! Find out why.

The schedule and route is flexible to riders needs!

The riders in the van decide when and where the van will travel, so it's endlessly customizeable to your needs.

Fares are inexpensive and cover tolls, gas, and maintenance!

Your van fares are based on the number of miles traveled, the number of people in the van, and number of days you travel. Some sample fares are here.  And new riders can get a fare subsidy from Go Redmond.

You get in the HOV Lane!

Express Toll Lanes got you down? Hop in the fast lane with your van and avoid the frustration of congestion.

You don't need to ride it everyday!

You choose your schedule with your vanpool, so you can choose which days you ride. Your monthly fare is based on riding 3 or 5 days a week.

It's easy to get started!

Go Redmond can help you find or start a vanpool.  It's quick and easy to get one on the road or join an existing van.

You have a Guaranteed Ride Home in case of emergency.

If you get sick while at work, have to work late, or need to leave work early for other emergencies you're covered by King County Metro's Emergency Ride Home program.  You'll be reimbursed for your cab ride home.

Find a vanpool now!