New to transit? It's easier than you think to hop on and start riding!

Find a Route

  • Put where you want to go and when you want to arrive into the Metro Trip Planner to quickly and easily see your route options
  • Pay attention to the side of the road you need to catch your bus to ensure you're going the right direction.  
    • The readerboard along the top of the bus tells you the final destination of that bus.  
    • When in doubt-ask the driver or another rider! 

At the Bus Stop

  • Route numbers are along the top of the bus to make your bus easily identifiable.  
  • Bus stop signs will list which routes serve that stop so you know where to wait.
  • Timetables will show you the estimated arrival times from different stops on your route.  You can get printed timetables, or look them up online.
    • One Bus Away is a free smart phone app shows real time arrival information of buses at your stop.

Pay for Your Ride When Boarding

  • Cash: Bring exact change, the driver won't be able to make change.
  • Tap your ORCA* card bus pass against the card reader as you get on the bus.

Request Your Stop

  • The driver announces upcoming stops and they will be displayed on the readerboard inside the bus.
  • When your stop is next, pull the yellow cable near the window, or push the red "stop" button on the edge of some seats.
    • If you're on the aisle, you can ask your seatmate to request the stop for you. 
    • This will let the driver know you want to stop, a red light will come on over the center aisle when a stop has been requested.

If You Need to Make a Transfer to Another Bus

  • With your ORCA Card: transfers are  made electronically, you will get a two-hour transfer credit for the fare paid. Tap your card, another fare will not be deducted.

  • With Cash: Metro paper transfers are valid only on Metro buses. If you are paying cash and use more than one transit system you must pay a fare each time you board a different bus.  On RapidRide, the driver will always give you a paper transfer when paying with cash or using tickets to act as your receipt for proof of payment. 


When in doubt, ask the driver or other riders for help!

*ORCA stands for "One Regional Card for All" and is accepted on Community Transit, Everett Transit, King County Metro Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit and Washington State Ferries.