A Trip Log Template will help automatically add your recurring commute trips to your Go Redmond calendar.

If you take the bus every Tuesday and Thursday or telecommute on Wednesdays or otherwise have a pretty regular commute, you can set up a Trip Log Template on Go Redmond to automatically add trips to your calendar!

1.  Under the calendar tab, click on "Trip Log Templates"

2.  Click "Add Trip Log Template"

3.  Enter the details of your commute

For instance, if you take the bus every day but Wednesday, you can have your trip log template reflect that. 

4.  Click "Save"

The Trip Log is now running and will automatically add your commute trips to your calendar.  You can pause, cancel, or edit it at any time by clicking on "Trip Log Templates."  

You are also able to set up multiple Trip Log Templates to easily add your trips to your calendar based on your unique commute.




5. Confirming Your Trips

You will still need to navigate to your calendar to confirm that you took the trips you did in your Trip Log Template.  It's as simple as selecting the trips you took and clicking "Confirm Trips" to add them to your calendar.  

Now these trips will show how your commutes are saving you money and reducing CO2 and helping you earn entry into incentives and prizes from your network.