The Redmond YWCA shared some stories about how Commute for a Cause bus passes are helping their clients.

Mohammed is living with his parents to help save money while he attends school.  He is a full time student and is participating in the work study program at school, but it is barely enough to cover his college tuition, books, and necessary hygiene items.  His father’s retirement is enough to pay for rent.  The Commute for A Cause campaign has assisted him with a bus pass for two months through the YWCA. 

Mohammed has been attending Seattle Central since September 2018, majoring in Political Science and is hoping to get a bachelor degree at the University of Washington. 

His goal one day is to graduate from the UW and utilize his education and experience to give back to the community. YOu can help give back to our community by taking a non-driving commute to work, and adding that trip to your Go Redmond calendar.  Once you do, we'll donate a bus trip to someone like Mohammed at the YWCA.