Redmond is going through some rapid transportation changes!  

Help shape transportation and mobility around Redmond. The City of Redmond needs your input to update the Transportation Master Plan (TMP)  as part of the Redmond 2050 update!

The city's vision for the future is in the Redmond Comprehensive Plan, and the TMP is an essential piece of the Comprehensive Plan. In 2005, the city adopted its first TMP to help guide the future of transportation. In 2013, the city completed its first major TMP update to guide Redmond into the year 2030. The next update of the TMP will look at which values and policies will guide our transportation system over the next 30 years.

Check out some of the major projects the TMP has helped create within the City of Redmond. 


How Can You Get Involved with Redmond’s TMP 


To learn about Redmond 2050 and Redmond’s TMP, check out the City of Redmond's website.