Where do you land on the green transportation hierarchy?

Transportation accounts for 28% of greenhouse emissions, but you can help reduce this number.


Can you swap a few of the trips that are lower in the green transportation hierarchy with one that is higher?  If so, you'll be having a positive impact on the environment!


Go Redmond will also show you the amount of CO2 you are keeping from the atmosphere when you log your trips on your calendar!


  • Walking– Walking to school, to work and to lunch is the greenest way to travel. Walking involves zero emission of any greenhouse gas, it’s free and an additional plus is it’s a good form of exercise for the body.
  • Biking – Faster than walking, low cost and a healthy exercise. Buying and maintenance cost is only fraction of that required for car and is only slightly less eco friendly than walking.
  • Transit – Redmond has the 3rd best transit access in the state-and its only getting better.  Taking the bus is also affordable and easily accessible mode of green transportation. (Request a free 1 month ORCA bus pass from Go Redmond).
  • Carpool or Vanpool Group of colleagues, friends and others, can use one vehicle rather than everyone driving their individual vehicles in same direction.  More economical and eco friendly! Go Redmond can even help you find a carpool or vanpool with our online  ridematching program.
  • Driving Alone – Opting for green vehicles like hybrid or electric will have less of an environmental impact than the conventional internal combustion engine vehicles.  But even driving a fuel-efficient small car produces several times more greenhouse gas emissions than catching an existing bus service.