Vanpools are flexible, fast, for sure...and often FREE!


Take your vanpool a few times a week or every day! 

Vanpools are flexible so you so you can:  

  • Take them a few times a week or every day
  • Meet at convenient locations like park & rides or people’s homes
  • Leave on different schedules based on the members of the van
  • Range in size from 5 to 15 riders
  • Include a bike rack if you want to ride part of the way


Vanpools go direct and can take the HOV or Express Toll Lanes

Get to work more quickly in your vanpool.

  • Vanpools can ride in the 405 Express Toll Lanes for free
  • Vanpools travel more directly than a bus so you can get to work more quickly

For Sure

You have a ride home, even if something comes up & you can’t vanpool home.  

Take a free ride home in a taxi, Uber, or Lyft on days you vanpool if:

  • You get sick
  • Have unscheduled overtime
  • There is a family illness or emergency


Go Redmond pays $50 a month for your first year of vanpool fares!

See if vanpools are right for you by taking three free rides in any vanpool with the "Ticket to Ride."

Your monthly vanpool fare includes the gas, maintenance, and any tolls. They are based on:

  • Miles traveled
  • Number of days you vanpool
  • Number of riders in the van

Other fare subsidies may be available from your employer, King County Metro, and other local city programs reducing your cost to ride.


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